YOUniversal Products, LLC has received numerous positive reviews for their recently released, heat resistant, silicone baking – cooking – grilling gloves, YOUniversal Grips. "We are ecstatic that our YOUniversal Grips have been so well received by the Amazon Community," said Dan Vander Vort, co-founder and company spokesman for YOUniversal Products. 

YOUniversal Grips have attracted users who are interested in a product that offers waterproof silicone material to protect from spills and steam burns while providing increased utility and dexterity compared to traditional oven mitts. The popularity of similar oven mitt style products spawned several of YOUniversal Grips' innovations; including the five finger design, which gives more control while baking, cooking and grilling, while the raised star pattern adds extra grip that is helpful for both men and women.

Dan Vander Vort expressed his excitement about the growing momentum of YOUniversal Grips and said this about the growing number of positive Amazon reviews for the product: "Our company worked very hard to make YOUniversal Grips the best baking, cooking and grilling gloves on the market, and we are quite pleased with the feedback about them from our customers to date. We are also gratified to know that our products are making a difference in our customer's daily lives, and it motivates us to continue innovating and creating new features and products. It has been very rewarding to hear from several people who have received their YOUniversal Grips as a gift, and that they are thrilled with them." 

Some of YOUniversal Grips' buyers have suggested new ideas for their use that YOUniversal Products, LLC has not previously marketed them for. Those uses are currently being tested and may be shared on the products' website soon. 

People looking for increased protection while baking, cooking and grilling are welcome to view YOUniversal Grips on Amazon. Additional information about these gloves and YOUniversal Products can be found on their website


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