Earlier today, YOUniversal Products, LLC announced an online sale for their flagship product, YOUniversal Grips. “We chose to sell on Amazon because they are both consumer and small business friendly. This two week sale is our way of reaching out to the Amazon community,” said company spokesman and co-founder, Dan Vander Vort. The sale will run from Tuesday, August 11th through Sunday, August 23rd. During that time, YOUniversal Grips will sell for $17.99.

YOUniversal Grips are heat resistant, waterproof gloves made from a food safe silicone material. These type of gloves have become increasingly popular recently for the additional benefits they offer over traditional oven mitts. “One of the major benefits over traditional oven mitts is that these gloves are waterproof and will protect you from dangerous steam and hot water that can go right through regular oven mitts. YOUniversal Grips glove design allows people to actually handle hot food with their fingers; which makes these gloves perfect for barbecuing, because people can move foods on the BBQ with more precision than tongs or other utensils.” said Dan Vander Vort. The gloves’ raised star grip design gives users additional control, even with slippery foods. They can be easily cleaned by holding them under running water while remaining on the user’s hands, something not possible with traditional cloth oven mitts.

Dan Vander Vort said “We have had great reviews on Amazon so far, and already, our customers have told us of uses they discovered for YOUniversal Grips that we had not thought of. One example of this was a customer who used them to protect his hands while he cleaned out his gutters”

More information about YOUniversal Grips is available at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WNO7RQ6

YOUniversal Products was founded in 2014 by three technology workers who became friends because of their shared passion for creating and improving products. Their mission is to stand out from the crowd, by providing their customers the best possible products, value, and customer service experience. More information about YOUniversal Products is available here: http://youniversalproducts.com/



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