On September 12, 2017, YOUniversal Products has announced their clear plant saucer product line has reached over 100 positive reviews on Amazon.  The company has been selling clear plant saucers in a variety of sizes, packages, and colors since 2016, and they have expanded the business beyond the planter-saucer line, to plant labels, in 2017. 

Customer satisfaction is a major focus for YOUniversal Products. Dan Vander Vort, co-founder of YOUniversal Products LLC., states that, “We are thrilled that customers are seeing such value in our clear saucer line, this encourages us to expand our product line with more colors and sizes of saucers." As a part of customer satisfaction guarantee, YOUniversal Products offers a 90-day hassle-free money back guarantee for their plant saucer line. The American-made saucers are also packaged in 5 or 10-packs for customer convenience.  The company is partnered with Amazon Prime to offer free two day shipping for Prime Members.

Vander Vort continues, “Customer feedback is key to maintaining our quality and services.” The 100 positive customer reviews spans over the assortment of clear plant saucers offered by YOUniversal Products. The plant saucer line currently includes sizes ranging from 6 to 16 inches. The saucers are made from a durable plastic that is made to protect customer furniture, while providing a clean, fashionable, and healthy way to maintain indoor and outdoor plants. For more information about the clear plant saucers follow the link here.

Vander Vort notes that, "Based on the amount of positive feedback we've received so far, we are excited to broaden the products we offer to best suit our customers’ needs.” Due to customer feedback in recent months, YOUniversal Products LLC. was able to add sizes, colors, and plant labels to their product line. Mr. Vander Vort comments, “We thank our customers for their support and loyalty. We look forward to providing more products which they can add to improve their homes and lives."

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here.